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"Thousand Swords" Wooden Box 2023!
The legendary underground label No Colours Records released Wooden Box
"Thousand Swords" in a limited edition of 99 numbered copies!
Inside there are things like: LP, CD, Tape, T-shirt, Flag, Patch, Poster, Metal pin!
All 99 boxes have posters signed by Darken! Some copies also have their lids signed on the inside!
No Colours Records also announces the release of new Graveland albums.
Graveland compilations with covers: Infernum, Veles, Thunderbolt - "the Temple of Infernal Fire"
dedicated to the True Polish Black Metal underground from the 1990s!
Another new full album Graveland will also be released on No Colours Records!
Wooden box "Thousand Swords" can still be purchased at No Colors records
At this link: No Colours Records
At the Pagan Samhain Night
New photos of Darken (October 2023)
- Polish scene for the Brothers from Ukraine -
Heritage Recordings - EastSide - Werewolf Promotion are proud to present the compilation "Polska Scena Braciom z Ukrainy" ("Polish scene for the Brothers from Ukraine").
Fifteen Polish bands recorded exclusive songs, especially for this release, so now each of You can show the support for musicians from the Ukrainian Scene.
Not only then, when they share their music efforts with us for years, but right now, when they really need this support like never before!
For now, we invite you to download the compilation digitally (LINK BELOW), all incomes will go directly to the guys from the Ukrainian Pagan/BM scene.
CD will be release in January 2023
Thanks for support!
Heritage Recordings - EastSide - Werewolf Promotion
Link to listen and purchase:  Musical Hall
Carpathian Wolves
Wooden Box Set 2022!
Box limited to 99 numbered Copies!
LP / CD / Tape / T-Shirt (silver print) / Flag / embroided Patch
Out in middle / end of November 2022!

Graveland live (Steelfest 2022)
Photos by Gronn Gronnland
GRAVELAND / COMMANDER AGARES "Awakening of the Storms"
T-Shirt / Longsleeve pre orders online!
Printed on pre order basis. No extra copies will be available when pre order is over.
High quality full colored / silver prints on FOTL Ringspun t-shirt and Gildan heavy cotton longsleeve.
Shipping in the end of April.
Graveland / Commander Agares “Awakening of the Storms”
LP / CD / MC to be released via INFERNA PROFUNDUS RECORDS!!!

From the polar wastes, from the lands of eternal winter, a white storm is coming, a furious north wind colder than the pale starlight, the king and queen of arctic storms, unleashed by hateful spells. A stellar white that absorbs darkness and light. So kneel and greet the blessed polar cold before it pierces your hearts with ice daggers! Here comes the time of cold and ice when all that is weak must die.
Sleeping for ages under snow and ice, unknown mages of unknown Gods woke up from a long, enchanted sleep. On the wings of a hateful blizzard they flew to the skies.
The lords of the polar night will now feed on the light of distant stars. When all storms are combined in one element, the king and queen will sit on their ice thrones.
So kneel down and take the cold into your heart, as the weak must die. Under the fierce wings of the storm hid the resurrected armies, recalled from past centuries by the voice of the oldest element. Soon the lands will be taken over, and an eternal polar night will reign.  And no one will ask anymore who they were and what were their names. We will fall in ice and the eternal snow coat will cover us. Look at this majestic snowstorm from which a white army is emerging! Summoned by unknown mages, unknown gods, by the Lords of the Polar Night!

3 new tracks from both Polish and Finnish side. GRAVELAND and COMMANDER AGARES strike with over 45 minutes or Black Metal!
180gr. heavy black / ltd. colored vinyl w/ insert and poster. Regular jewel case CD / ltd. digipack CD. Ltd. pro manufactured cassette.
Release date: June, 2022

Promo tracks you can listen via IPR youtube channel:
All versions of Graveland's "Following the Voice of Blood" and "In the Glare of Burning Churches"
(including vinyls) are now available on
Drakkar Records webshop!
Hour of Ragnarok
T-shirt, long-sleeve, girlie long-sleeve!
Available for purchase!
Sizes: XXL, XL, L, M, S
T-shirt brand: Malfini, long-sleeve brand: JHK
Drakkar Records!
GRAVELAND Discount Package containing:
"In the Glare Of Burning Churches" LP, DigiCD and Tape
"Following the Voice of Blood" LP, DigiCD and Tape
Only 70€ !
To buy there:
"Hour Of Ragnarok"
Wooden Box - Second Edition!
A support group for the second edition of the "Hour of Ragnarok" wooden box was created! A lot of people have asked about it. The first edition got sold out very quickly and many real Graveland fans didn't manage to get it. If you are interested in buying a box from the second edition, join this group and report your willingness to buy it in the posts! In this group, we will set pre-order for a new box! Thanks to this group, the Oath Records will know how many more boxes they need to make!
We will be gathering people willing to buy this box for a month, and then we will set a pre-order! If you are determined to buy it, join the group!

Graveland - Hour of Ragnarok (Full album)
"Hour of Ragnarok"
(Full album stream!)

                                       1. The Wolf of Twilight
                                       2. Hour of Ragnarok
                                       3. Conspiracy of the Wizards
                                       4. Children of Hyperborea
                                       5. Following the Azure Light
                                       6. The Three Gifts of the Gods
                                       7. Enlighted by the Wisdom of Runes
                                       8. River of Tears  (Bonus)

Some fresh reviews:
"Hour Of Ragnarok"
WHITE WOLF PROD. and THE OATH are extremely proud to present the new album by seminal Polish band GRAVELAND -Hour Of Ragnarok-
The official release date is scheduled for August 30, 2021!
-Hour Of Ragnarok- will be available in two versions:
6-panel Digipack CD with 16-page booklet limited to 1000 copies (European version)
Wooden box limited to 100 copies (World edition) containing:
- cd digipack
- 2 posters
- 3 postcards
- 1 flag
- 1 viking bracelet
- 1 sticker
- 1 pin
- 1 hand numbered certificate
The pre-order will start on Saturday 21 August at 23:00 (GMT+1)
Track premiere from new album "Hour of Ragnarok".
LP release date August 23th, 2021.
Last LP copies available at IPR666 shop and Bandcamp pages.
T-Shirt / Longsleeve / Hooded Zipper pre - orders end in two weeks!

Another track from album "Hour of Ragnarok"
"Hour of Ragnarok"
New Graveland full-length album!

On the threshold of the coming Ragnarok, Graveland comes to you armed with a new full-length album, with music that was created from the ashes of past battles. The new songs that revived like a phoenix from legends and myths and the most epic Graveland works such as "Thousand Swords" are a continuation of this style of the band. Epic Pagan Metal! Here's the music to prepare you for Ragnarok! Music from the beginning of the history of Graveland, when it was recorded in a full line-up! A sword, arrow and spear held in a strong hand, hardened in sweat, blood and battle. “Hour of Ragnarok” was forged by a three-person line-up.
Three artisans of war weapons took care of it: Rob "Darken" - vocals, guitars, keyboards, Skyth - bass, Ahrin - drums. The songs for the album were created during last three years, but it was 2020 when the work gained momentum. It took a long time to compose and record the symphonic back tracks that makes up the epic background in music. This is a development of an idea that you could have already heared on the album "1050 Years of Pagan Cult". The album was recorded in the Italian studio Rocketbooster! We invite you to listen to this work and support the band!
Graveland exists only thanks to the support of fans! Thanks for it!  
Up the swords! Thor's hammer on the chest!  

The Oath Records, Inferna Profundus Records,
Forevere Plagued Records, White Wolf Production
Are proud to announce release of new Graveland album!  
Out on: 2021 / Spring – Summer!

Digipack (16 pages booklet) and and 100 limited edition Box!, Cass:
The Oath Records and White Wolf Production
Vinyl: Inferna Profundus Records
Digipack: Forever Plagued Records (USA)

Please visit these websites for get more details about releases:
The Oath Rec. / White Wolf Prod.:
Inferna Profundus Records:
Forever Plagued Records:

You can listen samples of coming new album there:

Graveland Merch 2021
Long sleeve's and t-shirt's!

(T-shirt brand's: JHK - Malfini - F&L - Gildan)
Sizes: XXL, XL, L, M, S
Price: Long sleeve's 20€  /  T-shirt's 18
(Shipping worldwide registered air-mail: 4€)
Info & order: E-mail
(Write and ask about the currently available sizes!)

Single 2020
Graveland single "Possessed by Steel" April 2020

New Graveland full-length album "Hour of Ragnarok"!
Five new tracks +  two bonus tracks: "Possessed by Steel"  &  "River of Tears".
Recorded with new Fenrir's unholy wolfpack!
Classic Graveland - style Epic Pagan Metal, full of battle hymns and majestic melodies!
New tracks are mostly inspired by the legendary "Thousand Swords" album.
Pagan resistance will be never end! Raise Your Sword as the final battle is coming!

White Wolf Prod. / The Oath Rec.
Are proud to announce release of new Graveland album
"Hour of Ragnarok"! on CD & Digi format!

Inferna Profundus Records is proud to announce that will be releasing new Graveland
full-length album "Hour of Ragnarok" on vinyl format!  More info:
The Celtic Winter

Graveland "The Celtic Winter" LP
Coming soon on Forever Plagued Records...
next edition of GRAVELAND - The Celtic Winter LP

after being sold out from FPR for awhile, welcome back with new design with total respect to the old school way and 1994 when the original release was put out! Spread the plague!
In hell we reign forever!

1050 Years of Pagan Cult
New release of GRAVELAND "1050 Years of Pagan Cult" - contains re-recorded CULT tracks!
Odium Records
CD and Digipack

"We fulfilled this album with old, cult stuff from the days when Graveland played Black Metal being inspired by the dark arts that once came from the grim, freezing north.
Some of our fans claim that those first releases are the best ones among Graveland discography.
They truly belong to all those great Black Metal albums that built the history of the genre!
I have decided to re-record those tracks again with a new line-up, consisting of very talented
musicians, to show the true strength of Graveland's melody and spirit!
Working on this album shared a time with an 1050 anniversary of the baptism of Poland that is so solemnly celebrated in my country.
It has inspired us to entitle the album „1050 Years of Pagan Cult”.
We are pagans and the believes of our ancestors are still strong and still cultivated by their descendants!"

Świt Stalowych Ostrzy

Polish version of "Dawn of Iron Blades" - new edition!!!
Re-recorded album featuring Lord Wind members with new vocals and violin,
drums and others musical instruments never used before on this album.

Warheart Records 2018

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