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Awakening of the Storms
Graveland / Commander Agares - Split Tape 2022
Inferna Profundus Records
Side A
1. Graveland - At the Shore Bathed by Blood
2. Graveland - Lords of the Polar Night
3. Graveland - Amber Lantern
4. Graveland - Possessed by Steel
Side B
5. Commander Agares - Where we are Crowned as Kings
6. Commander Agares - Dawn of a New Morning
7. Commander Agares - Rising Flames of Revelation

Silver and Clear cassette limited to 50 copies each.
Pro manufactured cassette with on body printing.
3 new tracks from both Polish and Finnish side.
GRAVELAND and COMMANDER AGARES strike with over 45 minutes or Black Metal!
Available to purchase:  Inferna Profundus Records
Dawn of Iron Blades
The TAPE version of the album “Dawn of Iron Blades” is finally available, originally recorded by Rob Darken in 2004 and re-recorded in 2018, this time with a real drummer, in addition to new arrangements with female vocals. Tapes produced in Europe and limited to 150 copies!
All tapes purchased on pre-order receive an exclusive gift sticker.
Available to purchase:  Black Metal Store
Graveland - Spears of Heaven
is now available and ready to ship.
Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
Graveland cassettes released by Dread Records:
Impaler's Wolves
Available to purchase!
(Limited Edition - Cassette 100 copies)
S.O.H - 046

Graveland - 1050 Years of Pagan Cult
(Limited Edition - Cassette 100 copies)
S.O.H - 047

Graveland / Nokturnal Mortum
The Spirit Never Dies
Split tape 2021!
Fimbulvinter Productions
Comes with very deluxe slipcase
with gold hotfoil details and 6 panels booklet.
Limited to 200 copies!
Orders through the email:
Following the Voice of Blood
Tape 2021
Drakkar Productions
In the Glare
of Burning Churches
Tape 2021
Drakkar Productions
Thousand Swords
Thunderbolts of the Gods
Tapes 2021
Azermedoth Records
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