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Awakening of the Storms
Split album 2022

1. Graveland - At the Shore Bathed by Blood
2. Graveland - Lords of the Polar Night
3. Graveland - Amber Lantern
4. Graveland - Possessed by Steel
5. Commander Agares - Where we are Crowned as Kings
6. Commander Agares - Dawn of a New Morning
7. Commander Agares - Rising Flames of Revelation

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards), M Ahrin (Drum), Skyth (Bass)

CD, Digi Pack, LP, Cassette:

Graveland / Commander Agares “Awakening of the Storms”

From the polar wastes, from the lands of eternal winter, a white storm is coming, a furious north wind colder than the pale starlight, the king and queen of arctic storms, unleashed by hateful spells. A stellar white that absorbs darkness and light. So kneel and greet the blessed polar cold before it pierces your hearts with ice daggers! Here comes the time of cold and ice when all that is weak must die. Sleeping for ages under snow and ice, unknown mages of unknown Gods woke up from a long, enchanted sleep. On the wings of a hateful blizzard they flew to the skies.
The lords of the polar night will now feed on the light of distant stars. When all storms are combined in one element, the king and queen will sit on their ice thrones. So kneel down and take the cold into your heart, as the weak must die. Under the fierce wings of the storm hid the resurrected armies, recalled from past centuries by the voice of the oldest element. Soon the lands will be taken over, and an eternal polar night will reign.  And no one will ask anymore who they were and what were their names. We will fall in ice and the eternal snow coat will cover us. Look at this majestic snowstorm from which a white army is emerging! Summoned by unknown mages, unknown gods, by the Lords of the Polar Night!
Hour of Ragnarok
Full-length album 2021

1. The Wolf of Twilight
2. Hour of Ragnarok
3. Conspiracy of the Wizards
4. Children of Hyperborea
5. Following the Azure Light
6. The Three Gifts of the Gods
7. Enlighted by the Wisdom of Runes
8. River of Tears (Bonus)
Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards), M Ahrin (Drum), Skyth (Bass)

Digi pack: The Oath Records
Digipack: Forever Plagued Records (USA)

You can listen sample of coming new album here:
Gravleand returns with a new album. Rob Darken's band continue to follow the path of epic pagan metal that has been their mark for years, sometimes also involving folk elements. "Hour of Ragnarok" can be treated as the sum of the band's works to date and as a gate to a new chapter. Graveland's compositions started to have very nice and rich arrangements, reaching the next level of epicness. The band sounds very powerful, melodic in some places, with even more pathos. Probably never before did Graveland's music remind me so much of the works of Poleduris or Goldsmith in some places, which both men created for "The Thirteenth Warrior" and "Conan the Barbarian". We are, of course, talking about the musical layer and its overtone, about the atmosphere of this album. In the rest of it we can hear elements of "Creed of Iron", "Dawn of Iron Blades" or the last compilation of the band, where Rob started to introduce new elements to the sound of the group. The album didn't disappoint me and I am glad that Graveland is still walking proud on its way and is still able to bring something new to its art, that was actually able to enchant the musical image of Ragnarok here. I can safely say that this is the band's best material for many years. “Hour of Ragnarok” is another musical chapter in the history of the band, which proudly raises its head from the depths of the underground and its sound matches other bands with similar aesthetics and delights with its own individual character! Let the Ragnarok begin!

Possessed by Steel
Single (Digital) 2020

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)
M Ahrin (Drum)
Skyth (Bass)

You can listen track here:
Pagan Cult Never Dies
Live Album 2020

1.At the Pagan Samhain Night
2.Born for War
3.The Gates to the Kingdom of Darkness
5.For Pagan and Heretic's Blood
6.Thousand Swords
7.Black Metal War
8.River of Tears

Rob Darken (Vocal, keyboards)
Sigrunar (Drum), Mscislav (Bass),
Bor (Guitar), Draugir (Guitar)

Digi Pack+DVD: AKAKOR Records (Ecuador)

You can listen here (video):

1050 Years of Pagan Cult
Full-lenght album - "the Best of" 2016

1. The Night of Fullmoon
2. At the Pagan Samhain Night
3. Born for War
4. The Gates of Kingdom of Darkness
5. Hordes of Empire
6. Thurisaz
7. For Pagan and Heretic's Blood
8. Thousand Swords
9. Black Metal War!
Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards), Sigrunar (Drum), Mscislav (Bass)

Digibook & Vinyl (2016): Hammerbolt Production
Digipack (2020): Odium Records

You can listen samples here:
For this compilation only the pearls from the Black Metal period of Graveland's activity have been selected. There are classics such as "Thousand Swords" or "Thurisaz", ​​there is also a dark atmosphere from the demos and the first album. Here we have "The Night of Fullmoon" - an incredibly atmospheric, reflecting the spirit of those days, "Hordes of Empire" and a song to which I will always have an undying sentiment - "The Gates to the Kingdom of Darkness" (the intro is amazing here). When I started my adventure with Black Metal, this piece was a synonym of this art for me, the essence of the sound, the most accurate capture of the atmosphere associated with this music. A masterpiece! A new spirit, a new quality, and strong, spacious sound were breathed into all the compositions from the album. Graveland started a new chapter in its musical journey and you can hear it. The band went through a baptism in fire both in concerts and in the studio, recording this album. There have been specific changes, but the old atmosphere has remained. The bygone fire of the first half of the 90s still burns in these works, you can still feel its flame. This release is a very accurate and successful return to those albums, that extraordinary time. It is also a load of nostalgia, a return to the roots and a presentation of the new band and its capabilities. It is very good that it happened this way, through these and not other songs.

The Spirit Never Dies
Graveland / Nokturnal Mortum
Split Album 2016

1. Nokturnal Mortum - Нескореним
2. Nokturnal Mortum - Східний злам
3. Nokturnal Mortum - В кайданах часу
4. Graveland - Intro
5. Graveland - Lodowy labirynt
6. Graveland - Ostatni świt

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)
Miro (Drum)

Digipack & Vinyl (2016): Hammerbolt Production

You can listen samples here:

Thunderbolts of The Gods
Full-length album 2013

1. Possessed by Steel
2. Thunderbolts of the Gods
3. Chamber of Wicked Tears
4. Wolf of the North
5. Red Polaris
6. When Hammer Shines (Outro)

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)

Digi pack, CD, Vinyl: No Colours Records

You can listen samples of album here:

Spears of Heaven
Full-length album 2009

1. Spears of Heaven
2. Walls of the Red Temple
3. Flame of Doom
4. Braid of a Pride Valkyria
5. When Valkyries Come
6. Sun Wind
7. Return to the Northern Carpathian

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)

Digi pack, CD, Vinyl: No Colours Records

You can listen samples of album here:
Spear of Heaven

WIll Stronger Than Death
Full-length album 2007

1. Fire Dragon of Black Sun
2. Throne of the Granite
3. Battle of the Giants
4. Fire and Snow
5. Apocalypto
6. Victoria Divina
7. Shadows of the Past

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)

Digi pack, CD, Vinyl: No Colours Records

The Fire of Awakening
Full-length album 2003

1. We Shall Prevail
2. Battle of Wotan's Wolves
3. In the Sea of Blood
4. Die for Freedom
5. The Four Wings of the Sun

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)

Digi pack, CD, Vinyl: No Colours Records

You can listen samples of album here:
The Fire of Awakening

Dawn of Iron Blades
Full-length album 2004

1. Iron in the Fog
2. Semper Fidelis
3. Immortal Bloodline
4. To the North of Rubicon
5. Crown Heroic My Departure
6. While I Ride with the Valkyries

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)

CD, Vinyl: No Colours Records
Reissue CD, Vinyl: Hammer of Damnation

Full album to listen here:

Creed of Iron
Full-length album 2000

1. Blood and Ash
2. Tyrants of Cruelty
3. No Mercy in My Heart
4. Ancient Blood
5. White Beasts of Wotan

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)

Reissue CD: Warheart Records

You can listen samples of album here:
A lot have been already written about „Creed of Iron” but I couldn't help not to write my own few words about it because it's, without a doubt, an important release in Graveland discography. First of all, this album somehow started a new chapter in band's history that remains up til now. This release  is where Graveland's style and influences found it's place for good, characteristics that are present on two previous albums „Following the Voice of Blood” and „Immortal Pride”. It's epic, pompous, war-like with a bit of folk in the background, but the one that is close to battle scenery. However, when compared to „Immortal Pride” where keyboard parts stood out, on „Creed of Iron” we have massive guitar riffs which play the main role here and catch listeners attention. There are five, ten-minute average compositions and an intro that perfectly sets the scene for the whole album. At some point „Creed of Iron” might be treated as a successor of the previous album, but the change of roles between keyboards and guitars is too visible, here keyboards are expanding the sound and depth of guitars. Despite the fact that the tracks are long they are not boring at all. Melody is constructed in such a catchy way that it just floats. I remember the first listening to this album, I was impressed how long and epic hymns could catch the attention without destroying the atmosphere of such stuff where it is so important.
„Creed of Iron” is among the most important releases of Graveland, probably not groundbreaking but it for sure set a path for later attempts to follow. Here is where everything starts, and what once was ends. To be honest, this release is my favourite when it comes to the stuff released by Graveland after 2000. It has something that each „chapter-beginning” album has, freshness and a lot of new ideas, that energy and passion. If you are not an enthusiast of black metal but you like epic stuff with a bit of folk and battle themes, and you are not familiar with Graveland so far, that is the album you should start with. Swords will be drawn, shields crushed, time of battle embrace the earth, in Valhalla the eternal feast!

Immortal Pride
Full-length album 1998

1. Intro (Day of Fury)
2. Sons of Fire and Steel / Outro (Servants of War)
3. Sacrifice for Honour
4. Outro (To Die in Glory)

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)
Capricornus (Drum)

Reissue Digi pack, CD, Vinyl: Drakkar Records
"Immortal Pride" is probably the most "different" album among all Graveland's achievements. It is not only about the music itself, but also about the structure of the album - only two main tracks, but a very extensive and long intro and outro binding the whole. It is also the first album with such a developed symphonic layer of such depth and color. There are still pagan black metal riffs here, but it is the keyboards and the symphonic background that play the main role on this album. While listening, you immediately associate yourself with Bathory's albums - "Hammerheart" and "Twilight of the Gods", the influence of these two Quorthon's masterpieces is all too obvious, especially the epic flair that beats from "Immortal Pride" at a distance. The album is by no means a copy of Bathory's albums, they were only an inspiration, Darken gave this album a characteristic sound that can only be found in bands from Poland, Ukraine or Russia. It is undoubtedly original.
Another aspect that characterizes this album is the next inspiration. This time, once again, we have a reference to the work of Basil Poleduris (you will remember "In the Glare of Burning Churches" or "Epilogue") and his immortal soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian.
As for the sound and production of "Immortal Pride", you cannot complain. It is fresh, the instruments are expressive, there is depth, and the keyboards create a beautiful background. The drum part itself may seem a bit clunky in relation to the rest, but in the end it works and it's ok. Slavs (just look at the cover) or about warriors like Conan.
It is not my favorite album in Graveland's output, but I respect it very much and I appreciate its potential. It is undeniably one of the most important Graveland works that will be remembered.

Following the Voice of Blood
Full-length album 1997

2.White Hand's Power
4.Following the Voice of Blood
5.Forge of Souls
6.Raise the Swords
7.And the Horn Was Sounding Far Away
8.Fed by the Beasts

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)
Karcharoth (Bass)
Capricornus (Drum)

Reissue Digi pack, CD, Vinyl: Drakkar Records
Several years ago, when I started my adventure with Graveland's music I thought that “Thousand Swords” was that one album that takes the highest place in band's discography. That is somehow true but “Following the Voice of Blood” is that one little step ahead of it. It is the album that both ends and begins something, a breakthrough release, that's why of such importance. With this album most of typical black metal patents fades somehow to make the space for epic pagan metal stuff with folk echoes in the background that is so characteristic for Graveland. We can still hear black metal vocals here that were typical for two previous albums but the music itself, just as I mentioned before, begin to follow a slightly different path that on the following releases will evaluate into what Graveland is famous for, both musically and in the way the whole stuff is arranged. That is also the last album that deals with fast black metal lines of guitar and drums that Graveland had used up to that time.
Now let's move to the album itself. “Following the Voice of Blood” is still the album with raw production but in case of Graveland it's a huge advantage that provides the listener with that unique atmosphere and which gives the album that proper character. The process of mixing the album was done perfectly and proffesionally without a doubt. The music is supported with a keyboard background which underlines the whole melody line and gives all that epic felling. Songs are properly long here, with great melody changes which avoides boredom while listening. They can be compared to an epic story fullfilled with emotions and action. The presence of ambient and neoclassical part gives the music another depth, combining the album as a whole into one solid piece. In some songs they are a prelude , a silence before a still-present black metal storm. Songs that caught my attention mostly are „Thurisaz” (everything is here- outstanding intro, black metal charge and memorable melodic bridges), „Following the Voice of Blood” ( really enjoyable folkish intro) and „And the Horn was Sounding Far Away” ( “Twilight of the Gods” by Bathory came into my mind while listening to it, the highest class!). Probably you will be surprised by no sign of criticism from me, but to be honest there is nothing here to complain about. In my opinion the whole album is a perfect work, from the beginning til the end!
Clever compositions, great atmosphere, freshness and creative imagination of Rob Darken created the album that is a cream of the crop in polish black/ pagan metal underground of the same importance as works of Emperor, Bathory or Burzum (their influence on Graveland is rather obviously known) and Ulver for norwegian scene.

Thousand swords
Full-length album 1995

1. Intro
2. Blood of Christians on My Sword
3. Thousand Swords
4. The Dark Battlefield
5. The Time of Revenge
6. Born for War
7. Black Metal War
8. To Die in Fight
9. Outro

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)
Karcharoth (Bass)
Capricornus (Drum)

Old Digi pack, CD, Vinyl: No Colours Records
Reissue Digi pack, CD, Vinyl: Inferna Profundus Records

Full album to listen here:
Thousand Swords is a classic title in Graveland discography. A lot of fans claim that it is their most favourite one among all Graveland stuff or at least set it as unique and highly respect it. It is the last pure black metal creation by Graveland but it ends it with a proper blast. The production is raw here  just like on the debut album and demos, but that is really the point, that is where it's atmosphere comes from. Here we deal with typical black metal compositions from the first half of the 90's when all the genre was what it should have been. We can easily hear the influences of old Bathory or early Emperor, so all in all cream of the crop! The album is very solid and do not have any stylistic or tempo changes, all the tracks fits together creating one piece, not a bunch of seperate tracks, it just floats.
It is worth to mention that on Thousnad Swords Graveland began to use influences taken from folk and ancient music which can be heard in construction of all the riffs that appear on the album. Such moves will become one of the most characteristic features of Graveland compositions on future releases. Such move creates a very interesting effect when combined with a raw black metal sound. There is a feeling that both oldschool and something new anounces their presence, which results in another step forward in creating music and still walking hand to hand with good, old sound.
In case of lyrics Thousand Swords treats about the theme of cultural awakening and tries to force the listener to think over that topic, to open the eyes on the subject of the false nature of the forces that creates our reality and pulls it's strings. It also deals with such values like heroism and honor.
The graphic design of the album is a cult of some sort. Black and white colours, forest, band member's wearing all that bm outfit and corpse-paint, just a pure classic!
Thousand Swords is like all the old Graveland releases, a part of beautiful and dark history of polish black metal scene. It is without a doubt a trademark of that years and tells us about what happened in life and minds of it's creators. The album was as well one of a few releases from Isengard Productions brought to life by Rob those days.
To sum up, this is an album of a unique atmosphere, message, pure black metal sound, a mile stone in Graveland discography. Such albums should not only take a place in every collection, they are a must- have!

Carpathian Wolves
Full-length album 1994

1. Carpathian Wolves (Intro)
2. Barbarism Returns
3. In the Northern Carpathians (Intro)
4. In the Northern Carpathians
5. Impaler of Wallachia
6. Witches' Holocaust
7. At the Pagan Samhain Night
8. Unpunished Herd / Into the War (Outro)

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)
Karcharoth (Bass)
Capricornus (Drum)

Full album to listen here:
Carpathian Wolves is somehow a sum-up of the early days of Graveland which was full of demo recordings. It consists of everything that was the best on those tapes and it is more developed in case of sound and production (I don't know if in case of black metal we can talk about so called studio development). What is so visible while listening to the album is the incredible atmosphere of darkness and evil. The best idea is to listen to it on a fullmoon night (believe me, I know what I'm talking about), than you can properly catch the atmosphere of the album and all the emotions it carries. My absolute favourites from this album are “Barbarism Returns” and “Impaler of Wallachia”, two black metal masterpieces with keyboard background here and there that is up to now a trademark of Graveland. Rob has recorded the most dark, obscure intros in his career (maybe those from In the Glare of Burning Churches are the only exception). Guitars got more visible and proper sound- still raw but improved, the same with drum section, a bm anvil on full power.
While listening to this album you can feel the breath of the past on your back, what motivated the people from the scene, what they brought and what they want to show with their music. That is all priceless and hidden in this album, a shadow of the fire that once burnt so bright.
In case of the graphic design of the album it is great being so simple- a drawing that shows a warrior with a corpse-paint holding a torch, sitting side by side with a wolf. They are both watching the dark sky, with mountains and forest surrounding them. I've met with criticism and loughts about both that cover art and the album itself, the art being made by a child and the album being far away from originality. What an ignorant bullshit!!! Maybe the poligraphy is simple and lacks proffesionality but it is honest and speaks for itself just like the music that came straight from the heart and from the will of creation, not from the the plan to show their best or the will to succed at all cost. In case of the album, this review says all and there is no need to add anything. My one and only accusation in case of Carpathian Wolves is the length of it, it's a bit to short which prevents you from a full joy of listening to it.
To sum up, it's an album that deserves to join the group of the best albums of polish black metal scene and, what is the most important fact here, be a highlight of the greatest days of the scene and what black metal was for those people back then. It is without a doubt timeless!

In the Glare of Burning Churches
Demo 1993

1. Intro
2. In the Glare of Burning Churches
3. The Night of Fullmoon
4. The Dark Dusk Abyss
5. Through the Occult Veil
6. For Pagan and Heretic's Blood
7. Outro

Rob Darken (Vocal, guitar, keyboards)
Capricornus (Drum)

Reissue Digi pack, CD, Vinyl: Drakkar Records
This demo is a piece of history, the history of polish black metal underground and the years of it's greatness. I wish I were in my youth at that time, I wish I had an opportunity to taste the atmosphere of those days and to listen to that music at that particular time. I will willingly sign up under the opinion that this demo is the most important release of polish black metal- that most honest and true one. It is fullfilled with all the atmosphere of that events that occured at that time not only in Norway but in Poland as well. When you are holding this demo in your hands it emanates with something unusual, dark, that this tape did not surrender to the pass of time and is still a part of the past.
In case of music In the Glare of Burning Churches is an absolute black metal rawness with great keyboard passages and intros (the prelude to the title track provides you with a direct link to the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack by Basil Poleduris, “The Dark Dusk Abyss” gives the atmosphere of old, black & white horror movies and the outro which again reminds about mentioned soundtrack). My most favourite track here is “The Night of Fullmoon”, without a doubt a number one classic from all old Graveland stuff. The blast of emotions and atmosphere it contains can't be described (once I've made a cover of that song together with my friend). The sound of drums and guitars on this release is typical for almost all early black metal demos- raw and 1mln km away from perfect production and polished sound. Despite that fact the listening is really enjoyable. Rob's vampiric vocals are ideal match for that all. Demo is rather short but made and played with full passion.
Without much thinking it can be said that “In the Glare of Burning Churches” is the one of that recordings which could represent the black metal genre as a whole. Rawness, sincerity, uncompromising attitude to creation, dark atmosphere, and an unstoppable blast of emotions is a trademark of this demo.

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