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Interview with Graveland  in first issue of Shades of Darkness Magazine

Graveland is a legend of Polish black metal that has remained in the underground for years, resisting the media frenzy and popularity
Darken, the often controversial founder of Graveland, has over the years released albums that cannot be denied the cult status: "Thousand Swords", "Carpathian Wolves", or "Creed of Iron" are just a fraction of the band's impressive discography.  
The longest interview at 11 pages, it not only touches on the band's new album "Hour of Ragnarok" but also delves into the band's history and evolution over the years. Additionally, the first issue of Shades of Darkness Magazine will feature an extensive pre-release review of the new Graveland album, which will be the first public assessment of Darken's new work.
The first issue of Shades of Darkness in English can be purchased for pre-order by clicking on the link below
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