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You can buy these vinyls directly from Darken, Don't forget to ask for an autograph :-)
LP Legion/Perunwit "Łzy i Krew" Witches Sabbath Records
LP "Thousand Swords" No Colours Records
LP "Carpathian Wolves" No Colours Records
LP "Wotan Mit Mir" Drakkar Prod.
Price of one: 20€ - 22€ + registered shipping
If you are interested in buying, write email to: robdarkenfudali@gmail.com
Full distro list there: Distro List
Thousand Swords
LP edition 2023!
No Colours Records released new edition of legendary Graveland album "Thousand Swords"!
100x gold , 100x silver, 100x black vinyl's
Gold edition is only for Wooden Box release!
Vinyl you can purchase at this link: no-colours-records.de
"1050 Years of Pagan Cult"
Drakkar Productions 2023
A brand new Drakkar reissue of Graveland's well acclaimed "1050 Years of Pagan Cult" compilation,
containing rearranged tracks from the band's creative and prolific discography.
"1050 Years of Pagan Cult" is now available on Drakkar Prod. store in aqua blue 12" vinyl,
Limited editions!

"the Celtic Winter"
Drakkar Productions 2023
Gatefold LP
Classic old-school Unholy BM recorded by three unholy spirits from Azel's Mountain!
"Cold Winter Blades"
Drakkar Productions 2023
Graveland’s style has changed from raw black metal on the early albums to a more epic sound which is inspired by Hammerheart-era Bathory. Lyrically, on the early works Rob Darken was inspired by Celtic beliefs, now he’s Wotanism-orientated and calls his music “epic pagan metal”.
"Immortal Pride"
Drakkar Productions 2023
Sharing elements with early-90’s Bathory, “Immortal Pride” pushes the symphonic dimensions to the next level: in short, this album is more than just a missing link connecting two periods of Graveland’s career, it is where those two periods combine, taking the best elements from each to create something truly magical and Graveland’s crowning moment.

"Wotan Mit Mir"
Drakkar Productions 2023
GRAVELAND’s brand new reedition of “Wotan Mit Mir”, by Drakkar Productions! GRAVELAND heralds the glory of long forgotten days in their unique style: Enjoy the dragging rhythms, endless guitar lines, heroic vocals and keyboards, and most of all the unique atmosphere this opus serves. Now available in vinyl!
Comes in a standard 3mm cardboard jacket with a 2 sides printed insert containing lyrics. 2023 Drakkar Productions release

"Carpathian Wolves"
Wooden Box Set limited to 99!
No Colours Records 2022
Wooden box include: Lp, CD, Tape, T-shirt, Flag, Patch
Box limited to 99 numbered Copies!

"Carpathian Wolves"
LP new Edition, gold letters and inlay!
No Colours Records 2022

Graveland / Commander Agares
"Awakening of the Storms"
3 new tracks from both Polish and Finnish side.
GRAVELAND and COMMANDER AGARES strike with over 45 minutes or Black Metal!
-180gr. Clear with red/black smoke. Limited edition
-350gsm. Jacket. Matt offset laquer. Black inside flood
-Silver hot foil
-A2 poster
-30 x 30 insert
-Black poly-lined inner-sleeves
-Assembled into plastic outer-sleeves

Graveland "Impaler's Wolves"
Second press LP out now and shipping!

*180gr. heavy black / red marble vinyl. Limited!!!
*350gsm. jacket with inside black print and matt lamination
*A2 poster, insert
*Black poly-lined inner sleeves
*Assembled into plastic outer-sleeves
Following the Voice of Blood
Gatefold Double LP 2021
Drakkar Productions

Available to purchase: www.drakkar666.com

In the Glare of Burning Churches
LP 2021
Drakkar Productions

Available to purchase: www.drakkar666.com

"Hour of Ragnarok"
LP 2021
400 black / 100 black-blue color in color LP.
-180gr. heavy vinyl
-350gr. jacket with matt lamination
-Inside black flood
-LP sized insert
-A2 sized poster
-Black poly-lined innersleeves
Info and order: IPR666SHOP.COM

Blood of Heroes
10" MLP
New Era Productions 2021
This includes the songs in their original, intended length.
Epic remix and remaster by Rob Darken in Spring 2021.
Deluxe sleeve with silver-foil print. Comes with inlay.
Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl
and 100 on grey super marble.
Grey super-marble vinyl - Price 17,77€
Black vinyl - Price 15,00€

LP and Digipack A5!

First Demo Graveland from 1992 on vinyl!

The Clandestine Coven Records

Immortal Pride
Gatefold 12" LP
Heritage Rex 2021
3 Colors: Gold, Gold/black marble, Black
Each color limited to 111 copies!
A2 Poster, printed innersleeve,
Price: 23.90€  
To buy on Heritage Rex webshop!

Prawo Stali
Gatefold 12" LP
Heritage Rex 2021
3 Colors: Black, Red, Blue
Each color limited to 111 copies!
A2 Poster, printed innersleeve,
Price: 23.90€  
To buy on Heritage Rex webshop!

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